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Nervous about your first driving lesson

Obtaining a license is a newfound sense of freedom.

Pass your driving test the first time with

We ensure a safe and relaxed driving experience. Any of our qualified instructors will assist you in recognising road risks and developing safe driving behavior.

Don’t worry at all if you are new behind the wheel, available all over Brisbane our instructors are there for you to guide you at every level of your driving ability.

Here are some simple tips to get you started;

  • Know your car inside and out. Once you are familiar with your car’s controls, the happier you will feel driving. All Brisbane Driving Lesson's instructors have knowledge, experience and you can feel confident knowing they also have dual controls.

  • Consider the regularity of your lessons. Brisbane Driving Lessons have affordable packages to suit every budget.

  • Keep a safe following distance. Your instructor will help you understand more about speed management, gap selection, hazard awareness and safe following distances.

  • Slow down around curves.

  • Understand all the rules of a 4 way stop.

  • Keep constant speed when going uphill

  • Understand and start recognising the street signs

We look forward to celebrating with you. Pass your license the first time and find a new found freedom.

For more information about the packages, visit

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